Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Past 6 Months.

I know what you are going to say... My Melissa why did take you 6 months to post on your blog? Well friends sometimes that is just the way it goes! Anyways, many wonderful things have been going on here at the farm...
We learned how to dress ourselves!
Got Worms? We do!
We had some goat love!
We renovated the smokehouse.

Smokehouse renovation = My new greenhouse! Its there in the back. Note to self, take more greenhouse photos!
We had some turkey love!

We anticipated the arrival of baby goats daily!
Then they babies made their way here!
The chickens had baby chicks!

Turkey love = Baby Turkeys!

Landon graduated Kindergarten, with a reading medal!
The baby goats are growing fast!

Our turkeys just keep on growing too!

We are growing mums again!

I  <3  fresh peas and green beans!

Cedar says hello as well!
So you see friends we have been here all along! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Past Week...

We had a Wonderfully Peaceful and Yummy Thanksgiving.
 I have been trying out a lot of new recipes and they have been fantastic! Trying to eat as healthy as possible, by making as much as I can from scratch. Speaking from scratch, I am proud to say that I made everything from scratch for Thanksgiving dinner except the bread that I used in my stuffing. My brother in law was kind enough to point that out for me. Thank you Chris. I was proud of myself. I think that is the most "from scratch" I had ever made at once.

Let's see what else..  The goats are ornery as ever. Two more weeks and we will know if Goat Love was successful. Fingers crossed!  Homeschooling is coming along quite nicely. Landon loves it and so do we! He amazes me everyday! He is reading so well, and learning so fast. It is really incredible to see, and we have so much fun! Here are a ton of photos from our week!!

There was some air guitar!

Veggies are growing nicely in cold frame

Yes, the lettuce is yummy!

Granola, notice the little hand!

Granola in jar.

This kid loves the oven light!

Root Vegetable Casserole. Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Yukon Gold Potatoes. Yum!

Helping make breakfast.

Baked Fruit, so wonderfully yummy! Apples, blueberries, cinnamon and honey at 350 for 40 mins!

Thanksgiving Apple Pie

Homemade rolls

Night Milking
Hoping you have a beautiful week!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Past Week

Fall. My favorite time of year. All of the leaves are almost gone, Halloween has past, and now you will hear Christmas Music everywhere you go for the next two months. Deer Season is here. Campfires, smores, chili, and hopefully Husband's hunting is as good as last years and he will tag a few for the freezer.

I decided to dig and pot up a few herbs out of the garden last week. The basil and dill had grown from seeds from this year. I dug up parsley, oregano, thyme and sweet marjoram. I have sage growing too, but didn't pot it up. Now for an awesome surprise... I found a tomato seed growing in my potting soil. It had turned into a beautiful plant. Now, hoping to grow it out this winter/provide enough heat and light. :)

Painting more signs as time allows.

The other day, I was determined to find the seed we lacked. I went to the first stop. The owner looked at me like crazy when I asked him for seed. He then handed me a 10lb bag of peas, and two very full packs of lettuce and spinach and said "Here, no charge!"  I was ecstatic! He said he probably had swiss chard and mustard in the back, but he wasn't for sure. I walked to my car,drove to the garden store in town... no seeds. Okay. Then I drove right back to the same store I was just in. I went inside determined to get someone to go in the back room and sell me some seed. So, with a smile I accomplished my goal! Chard and Mustard just as he said. One more stop to make, and then we had kale! All of this you see in the photo cost me only $1.84! How amazing is that...

With two does back in heat, and one child buck who only wants to love on one of them, hopefully we will be pregnant this time around. We will see.

This last week everyone here has had a horrible cough, and colds being spread. Hopefully it is on its way out of the house. One very smashed toe, and a dog who has found a fondness for our lovely chickens. What to do?

Two of our turkey hens are sleeping elsewhere at night. Coming home first thing in the morning for food, and then gone all day? Maybe she is roosting out we thought, so the boys and I decided that we were going on a hunting adventure. After we were in the woods it dawned on me that I had never found a turkeys nest in the forest before, and that I probably wasn't going to find hers either. Maybe if we followed her one morning, but time for that hasn't came around yet. Until next time..

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Last Few Days...

Last few days here at our farm have been splendid. Landon has officially declared his secret hideaway. Kingston and I were allowed to come see it based on the promise that we tell no one. He he!

We went to our first official Homeschool Coop, not really a coop but get together and socialize play day. We had a great time, made new friends and can't wait to go back next week. Thank you to our local librarian and feed store friends for making the connection.

Nursing our greens daily. We now have Mesclun, Lettuce, Turnips, Radishes and Kohl Rabi sprouted. I forgot to pick up the rest of the seeds we need to finish our planting but hopefully I will remember next trip.



We rented a space at The Factory in Farmington, MO to sell our homemade goods! We are completely excited! The people were so nice, helpful and welcoming. I believe we have the best booth location that you can have there!!! I will keep you posted on this!

We had our weekly library trip.

Grandpa T. along with the girls break out of their inside pens every other day it seems, so we are leaving them in communal living until we get Grandpa T's Casa built. Also, after much learning about goat breeding first hand this year. I hope that the goat love was successful.  We will know in about two more weeks, no heat = babies. Will keep you posted on this as well!

What is this gorgeous greenery that you see growing in the ground you ask? Well my friends that is our green manure, red and yellow clover. Soil building at its finest!

I had lunch with a long time friend of mine yesterday. It was nice. The conversation took me through an array of emotions, only to secure the everyday grateful feeling that I have for choosing to live my life, our family's life, the way we do. Simple, off the land, homeschooled, self-employed. Just a lot of fresh air and room to be ourselves. I love it! Makes Me smile!

Hope you have a magical and peaceful weekend!