Monday, February 20, 2012

Bunny Love

The past couple of days have been full. We had some Bunny Love for our girls. We have 4 New Zealand White's. When we purchased them, they were sexed right at the farm store. We had 3 girls and one boy. So, time passed and it was time to breed. Then we had Bunny Love. At least we thought we had Bunny Love. What we had was Lesbian Bunny Love. Thanks to our good friends down the road, who know all things rabbits, we were sadly mistaken. So, last week they let us borrow one of their good breeders. Our ladies are not happy right now to say the least. He is what you could say "eager." Hopefully in a month we will have 4 litters of bunnies. Will keep you posted.

Today we were very productive. We built a fire.

We harvested our indoor Worm Farm.

Look at all those castings! We are stoked.

Worm Eggs

After we harvested, we had to feed the worms. Landon wanted to Man handle the manure. He said the pitch fork was just his size.

Tree playing is always in order.

We ordered our birds on Friday. Australorps and Bourbon Reds are on the way. More Maple Syrup ready to be boiled. Last but not least, Max. Napping in the woods. Seven more weeks to go for the cone and splint.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My True Loves...

It has been a busy couple of days. Many updates, many new experiences!

First Up... Max.

Max had a rough couple of days. He is now inside the house, comfortable and mildly sedated with a cone on his head and a broken leg. The Animal Hospital was a wonderful and great learning experience for him. He will be resting comfortable inside for the next eight weeks. Hopefully, he will not run in front of cars anymore.

Our hens keep laying daily. We are blessed with beautiful eggs.

                                          We have been exploring our creative sides!

                          Blueberry Scones, My first try. They came out so wonderful, I was proud!

                                          The children do love blueberries!

                                            Oxalis! I was introduced to this lovely last year, and have finally  found  a start for myself! I am excited. I truly love new plants..

 Valentine's Day! Landon needed 23 valentine's for his head start class. I was extremely excited for new adventure. In the past we would have just went to the store and bought a box. BORING! We have quit taking many things for granted and we use every opportunity to make things homemade. So, being an exciting new adventure, I googled and found a card that we liked. Landon signed it, he drew hearts and colored them in too!

Next, we took finger paint and drew out hearts and off we went. Now, I had no idea that sometimes finger paint can take up to  three days plus to dry. Who knew...

We left them in the kitchen floor while Kingston slept. We moved them into our bedroom when nap time was over. Here is the best part. Daddy forgot to close our bedroom door and Kingston, and Max both came in to the kitchen with cards on their feet! Max with red paw prints with every step and a card stuck to a front paw, still hobbling through. Kingston comes walking in with a card stuck to both of his socks. Since, the children (Kingston and Max) practically ruined and stuck all the cards together in their mischievious stroll, they were pretty messed up. However, I laid them out again at one last attempt to save the cards. Alas, it was no use. The only snowfall we have had all year fell yesterday and today became a snowday with no Valentine's Party to go to anyway.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This morning on my way to class, I had to day's blog already posted in my head. Steve was inquiring about when I was going to post our whole reason for blogging, I was already thinking about it is well.  Positive thoughts, peaceful drive, no one pulling out in front of me on my way to the coffee shop. 8:33 am arrival, life is good. Best ever latte and scone as always, and off to Botany I go. Fast forward a couple of hours, rescheduled bi-monthly lunch date with friend, (we never seem to make it out to lunch until we have rescheduled at least 2 times...), potted up vegetable plugs in greenhouse for 2 hours, leave school, pick up Landon, rush through grocery store, and someone did pull out in front of me there, drive home, pull into driveway.... 


On to the Point, our wonderful amazing dog Max, runs right out in front of my car as he does every single time he hears car keys turn, but today he didn't miss the tires. So, with my 4 year old in the back seat I ran over his dog! Worst thing ever! Landon gives me that look, you know the one, and says " Mommy, why did you run over Max?" Bad Mommy. I'm sure there are many worse things in life, but this was really bad for me today. Guilt, worse than I have felt in a long, long time. This isn't just some dog, he is our dog, a part of our family. Our Beloved Farm dog, he is my children's sidekick, protecting them from anything, he is friend with all of our animals, he is trained to not chase the chickens, he protects us, protects our farm, he is irreplaceable.

                                                            Max and Dumpling the Rooster

Max ran off and after about an hour of searching, calling out his name, crying feeling like the worst parent ever, and contemplating how Landon was processing this, Max was found, by my wonderful husband. I would like to report that he is doing just fine, being catered to all warm and cozy tonight. Landon said he was worried about Max, and he is glad he is fine. Steve tried to make me feel better as he always does, and succeeds. Hopefully, he will not run out in front of any vehicles ever again. I am glad that there were no major injuries, no blood, and no death. I have had to flush gold fish with the kid before, but I did not want to bury a dog today, and I am so thankful that everything ended up just fine. 

Now, I am not sure if it is me, the car, our just some shitty luck but I have a history with dogs and this car. Never before in life, however, with the purchase of my super sweet Saturn in 08' I was also purchasing a dog whisperer. Not even 3 weeks after I bought this car, Steve and I were off to a work meeting and I (Not My Fault) hit a St. Bernard, who was attempting suicide in my opinion.. no joke, and it was in front of the owner as well, because hitting a dog alone isn't enough you must do it in front of their beloved master. It was horrible. She was crying, the dog was crying, I think I was crying too. This huge being was a loved 9year old farm dog and they had to put it asleep. It was horrible, I could have cared less about my car. I felt soooo bad. Ever since then, there have been many attempts by many other dogs, and many many close calls. 

So, today I hit our dog with my car and I feel like shit. Guilt is a horrible feeling, not being able to take it back, to hit the brakes one second sooner? Maybe it would have been another close call? Who knows, at least I can check that horrible experience off my list. Now, on to positive energy and beautiful days ahead.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

                                                                    Fresh Maple Syrup

                                                                   The Castle

This morning I woke up to the excitement of my husband's first maple syrup experiment. He was up until 1 am boiling down the sap, and let me tell you it was the best I have ever had. He was so excited! So, so, so many things in the works right now. Maple Syrup being one of them, we just found out a couple of days ago that we are going to be able to afford a greenhouse!!!! I am so stoked! I can not wait hopefully within the month we will have it here, up and running. We fixed fence posts today, hard hard manual labor. Grandma wanted to hang out with her boys for a couple hours so I went out to help dig post holes. Not easy, I find myself more useful in the dragging brush department. Post hole digging is intense, I am glad Steve enjoys doing it, I enjoy being his sidekick in adventures like these. We measured out areas for the garden plots this year, I can not wait to plant! Last week I categorized everything by planting date, inside or outside, March, April or May. This will be a year of many firsts. I can't wait!  We finally moved Landon's Castle as he likes to call it, and they were excited. Landon had to pose! Until next time...