Monday, May 28, 2012

We are expanding!!!

IT has been an adventurous couple of days here at the farm. Our friend and neighbor came over with his trusty tractor and tilled up new ground for us!!!! The new garden is approximately 3600sq ft.

New Garden being tilled

Amazing Soil

Thank you Don!

In other news.. I had a brilliant idea. I thought we should let our rabbits sit on the ground so that they could eat all the grass they wanted; then we could move them daily for fresh grass. So we put them on the ground and thought it was wonderful. Next day, I am out watering the crops, pulling the hose to the other garden spot and crash... I was not watching where I was going and I fell backwards right into a rabbit cage. No rabbits were hurt luckily.

Beware of the rabbit cage...

I finally had time to put in the herb garden that I wanted in the front! I feel accomplished. I put in dill, marjoram, genovese basil and purple basil, oregano, lavender, cilantro, sage, thyme, and lemongrass. Not sure if the lemongrass is going to make it..

Front Herb Garden

On Friday and Saturday we went on a 14 mile kayaking trip on the St. Francois River. It was amazing!!!  Hope you had an Amazing Memorial Day Weekend!

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