Sunday, May 6, 2012

About us, The First Year..

We moved back to my family farm a year ago today. I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about what we have become! I am very proud of us! We moved here on a whim and a couple of dreams. Reasoning you might ask. To be better humans. To consume less. To live off the grid as far as we can. To grow as much of our own food as we can. To be less wasteful. To teach our children how to live off the land. To have peace and quiet. To co-exist with Mother Nature.

Wedding Bliss!

Huge Cheese!

Solar Shower
College Graduation!

Greenhouse Growings

Beautiful Greens

Strawberry Patch


Potato Patch

Chickens and Great View of Farm
The One Snow Day

This past year we have had such a positive force behind us it makes anything possible. We encountered a flooding, one day of snow, we cleared one acre for farming, fought wasps, Steve killed two deer and a turkey, severed a finger,  had our first chickens, 13 free roosters, ran over our own dog, Got Married!!!, started our own seeds, put up two greenhouses, made what we thought was Maple Syrup; harvested worm castings, bought and learned to breed rabbits, bought turkeys, bought chickens, bought bees, put a deposit down on goats, sold our first farm produced products at the Farmer's Market, Graduated College!!!, learned to live without air conditioning, live without cable or satellite,  lived without hot water for 5 months,  made a solar shower, started our farm, becoming happier every second!

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  1. What an amazing journey you are on! Love that greenhouse, and the turkey chicks, (and the sweet wedding photo :) My husband and I moved to the country less than a year ago, and are slowly coming along on a similar journey, though neither of us had any kind of farm-ish experience :) We grew up in the suburbs, and spent our early adult years in a small city. But now we have solar panels, chickens, fruit trees, and a huge garden, and we're finishing our house (interior)ourselves...

    Anyway, I'm glad you're sharing your journey here!