Sunday, April 22, 2012

Down Time

Yesterday was such a joy! We had a blast with our fishing buddies. Early in the morning, Landon snagged a trip to the park. It was nice to go. Since we moved to the country, we hardly ever go to town just for the park, so it was a nice change of pace.

Funny how childhood memories flood back by the simplest exercises. I loved to swing, still do! It was carefree and fluid. Now worries. I will always choose to swing first. It just is so peaceful for me. I'm glad my son loves to swing as well.  I was also able to hug a few nice trees while at the park.

Self portrait

Landon's Feet high in the air!
My feet high in the air!

Chicken's Are Free Bird's
In other farm news, the chickens are now FREE RANGE and Loving it! The dinosaurs are on the hunt. This morning they were ready and waiting!!!

Fishing on the other hand was great as well. I think everyone but me caught a fish. Landon caught like ten!

Fish caught in the tree. Can you see it?

Have a beautiful day!

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