Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reality Sets In...

If you know anything about Deak's Farms, you know we both attend college full time. I am graduating with my Associate's Degree in two weeks!!! Now enough with the excitement, the reality is that I can not further my education. It has always been  HUGE goal of mine to have a Bachelor's Degree. I found out this harsh reality two days ago. I am out of student loans, so unless I somehow pull off six to eight thousand dollars in scholarships, this is the end of the road for me, kids. Am I sad and disappointed, you bet your sweet little bum I am. However, I have taken this news and I am making lemonade. Sweet southern lemonade. The kind that my grandma makes. So sweet it will make your teeth hurt. I am going to take this opportunity and put all of myself into our dream and our business. I will have the time now.

We are going to grow the biggest and best plants you have ever seen. We have dreams of one day opening up a C.S.A.,or maybe just a local wholesaler. I will be glad to maybe slow down a bit. Not so much work wise, but I will be home more and that will be nice. Enough about that. Let's talk goats. We are getting our goats hopefully by the end of May. I am STOKED! Truth be told, I have never milked a goat in my life, but I am excited to learn. I want to make beautiful goat cheese and heavenly goat soap.

I had the day off of school today, so the boys and I ran errands. While we were gone Steve put together the Apiary. Bees are due in a month, and their home is ready and waiting. We have decided that Saturday, the birds are out of the pen and free ranging, like little dinosaurs. Watch out bugs! We are getting ready to break open the worm beds. There is no telling how many pounds of worms we have. We started last year with maybe twenty. Steve thinks we have well over 100lbs! We shall soon see.

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