Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Kids on The Block

Baby Chickens Are Here!!!

We have 46 adorable Australorps  on the farm now.  My they are growing fast. We purchased 25 pullets and 25 straight run. They are going to bring a ton of happiness, eggs, and meat to us this year.

We also have the makings of Bunny Love!
All of our mama's had their babies withing 24 hours of each other. It was very cool!  I am sad to report that two of our mama's murdered all of their babies. The other two did exceptionally well. Better luck next time or they are rabbit stew.

Last but not least...

Bourbon Red Turkeys!!!
These little guys are doing amazing. The death rate of these guys is very high. You are supposed to expect 40% loss. We purchased 20 and we have 15 left. Hopefully, all 15 will grow big and beautiful.

Now all we are missing is the bees, which are being delivered next month, and my baby goats.

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