Monday, February 20, 2012

Bunny Love

The past couple of days have been full. We had some Bunny Love for our girls. We have 4 New Zealand White's. When we purchased them, they were sexed right at the farm store. We had 3 girls and one boy. So, time passed and it was time to breed. Then we had Bunny Love. At least we thought we had Bunny Love. What we had was Lesbian Bunny Love. Thanks to our good friends down the road, who know all things rabbits, we were sadly mistaken. So, last week they let us borrow one of their good breeders. Our ladies are not happy right now to say the least. He is what you could say "eager." Hopefully in a month we will have 4 litters of bunnies. Will keep you posted.

Today we were very productive. We built a fire.

We harvested our indoor Worm Farm.

Look at all those castings! We are stoked.

Worm Eggs

After we harvested, we had to feed the worms. Landon wanted to Man handle the manure. He said the pitch fork was just his size.

Tree playing is always in order.

We ordered our birds on Friday. Australorps and Bourbon Reds are on the way. More Maple Syrup ready to be boiled. Last but not least, Max. Napping in the woods. Seven more weeks to go for the cone and splint.

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