Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It has been a busy couple of days. Many updates, many new experiences!

First Up... Max.

Max had a rough couple of days. He is now inside the house, comfortable and mildly sedated with a cone on his head and a broken leg. The Animal Hospital was a wonderful and great learning experience for him. He will be resting comfortable inside for the next eight weeks. Hopefully, he will not run in front of cars anymore.

Our hens keep laying daily. We are blessed with beautiful eggs.

                                          We have been exploring our creative sides!

                          Blueberry Scones, My first try. They came out so wonderful, I was proud!

                                          The children do love blueberries!

                                            Oxalis! I was introduced to this lovely last year, and have finally  found  a start for myself! I am excited. I truly love new plants..

 Valentine's Day! Landon needed 23 valentine's for his head start class. I was extremely excited for new adventure. In the past we would have just went to the store and bought a box. BORING! We have quit taking many things for granted and we use every opportunity to make things homemade. So, being an exciting new adventure, I googled and found a card that we liked. Landon signed it, he drew hearts and colored them in too!

Next, we took finger paint and drew out hearts and off we went. Now, I had no idea that sometimes finger paint can take up to  three days plus to dry. Who knew...

We left them in the kitchen floor while Kingston slept. We moved them into our bedroom when nap time was over. Here is the best part. Daddy forgot to close our bedroom door and Kingston, and Max both came in to the kitchen with cards on their feet! Max with red paw prints with every step and a card stuck to a front paw, still hobbling through. Kingston comes walking in with a card stuck to both of his socks. Since, the children (Kingston and Max) practically ruined and stuck all the cards together in their mischievious stroll, they were pretty messed up. However, I laid them out again at one last attempt to save the cards. Alas, it was no use. The only snowfall we have had all year fell yesterday and today became a snowday with no Valentine's Party to go to anyway.

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