Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goat Milk

What is that you say? Well, that is my first pail of milk!
My first morning milking at home was a challenge. We did not have a milking stand, we were new to the goats, they were in a new place, it was new and challenging for all of us. Steve was wonderful and helped me so much.  First was Red and it took Steve holding her and her kicking over the milking pail, stepping in the pail, and finally her letting me milk her. Maltese on the other hand wouldn't let me touch her. I called Mary at 6:20 a.m. I waited, tried again. She would not even let me touch her udder let alone her teats. Tried, and tried and finally had to tie her head and Steve had to hold one of her hind legs. This was not easy, and it was very stressful. I almost cried. I did on the inside. I didn't know what to think. I never had been around any type of livestock. I mean I had a horse when I was little but I did not have to take care of it, all I had to do was ride her and look at her. Then I became bored with her, or scared from being bucked off. I was never a big horse person. I think they are gorgeous, but not for me.  Anyways, it was stressful. Very stressful, the goat was stressed we were stressed. Steve kept me calm and I started to breathe slowly and you know what, we got it done.

 That afternoon, my wonderful husband built me a milking stand!

My Milking Stand

Maltese in the milk stand

2 fresh quarts of goat milk

That evening, it was a whole new world. Like that morning never happened. I milked both girls with no problem. I love my goats, and their milk is top of the line!

                                 The local turtle clan has recently moved in on our block. They have claimed our strawberry patch as their own, and you know what, enough is enough! We are taking it back! Every morning for about the last two weeks I have been out in the strawberry patch and every morning there is turtle damage all over. What they do is they sample a bite out of every ripe strawberry, leaving the remains for us in the morning. If you are going to take a bite, take the whole thing. This had been frustrating. This morning, I won. I beat them, or the strawberries ripened after the turtles invaded. Either way, the strawberries I picked out of my strawberry patch this morning were juicy and glorious!
I beat the turtles!

Turkey update... The birds are officially Free Range. I opened the door and let them out this morning. They are loving life out in the open field. Eating seeds, bugs, grass, blackberries and soaking up the sun.

Hello Mr. Gobbler

Bee Intruder update. We had been feeding our bees with sorghum because we have gallons of it. However, this is an attractant for other animals, hence the Intruder. So we switched to sugar water. This morning, the Intruder ate the whole jar of sugar water, sucked it dry. Never once did this happen with the molasses. We have been trying to trap this thing as well with no luck. I called my uncle and he is going to let us borrow his trail camera. I am going to pick it up tomorrow. Will keep you posted.  Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!

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