Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Skin a Rabbit

Tie up the Bunny

Cut skin around feet, pull skin down from around the legs

Continue to cut gently all the way down the belly, pull skin down

Pull skin down and around the rest of the rabbit over the head

Cut off feet, cut off head

Gently cut down the abdomen

This is where all the guts will come out. Make sure you do not bust urine bag. Pull out guts and dispose of in compost pile.

Cut down the chest cavity

Heart and lungs, pull out and dispose.

Now, you have cleaned a rabbit! Make sure you rinse off the blood.

Cut legs off. Steve read about using pruning shears, and he did. It worked great.

Viola! Rabbit for dinner!
Unfortunately, we did not sample any of these rabbits. We gave them away to friends and family. However, we still have more in the skillet pen...

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