Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Goats Have Arrived

Monday afternoon, I drove an hour south to pick up our new baby buck. He is so cute! He is a registered Nubian, and we love him so much! His Name is Grandpa T. He is black with chocolate spots and frosted ears, and very loving!

After picking up Grandpa T., I ventured back to town to Udder Cream Farms and picked up my two gorgeous does Red a.k.a Grandma T. and Maltese a.k.a. Nanny T.
Let me explain, see the goats were a wedding gift from Steve's grandfather on the condition that we had to name them Grandpa T. and Grandma T. so that we see them mating we would have to yell "Grandpa T, get off of Grandma!!!" So now you know why the a.k.a. is there! Maltese and Red are already registered and named however, we were able to name Grandpa T!

Before I left Udder Cream Farms, Mary Settle the Goat Guru of the area and the most kind and sweetest woman I have met in a long time, kindly taught me everything she could about how to milk and care, routine, kids, does, bucks, you name it she knows it! She was and is very wonderful to me. At first when I tried to milk my does at her farm I thought I might have gotten myself in over my head. Everything usually looks great until you try it, and let me tell you milking a goat is not easy work... at least at first.
But I made it through and so did the goats.. We brought them home and settled in for the night because there was a storm rolling in.

Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma Trezise!!!

Rainbow before the rain came

This is Red

This is Maltese

My two new girls

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